Dornoch Bike Hire

Explore Dornoch by bike | 0.2 miles from the Curling Pond

Dornoch Bike Hire offers an enchanting way to explore the historic town of Dornoch and its stunning surroundings. The company boasts a diverse fleet of bicycles suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. From robust mountain bikes that can handle rugged terrain to comfortable hybrids ideal for cruising along serene coastal paths, their selection ensures that every adventurer finds their perfect match. Additionally, they offer electric bikes (e-bikes), allowing those who may need a little boost to tackle longer routes without compromising on the enjoyment of their journey.

What makes Dornoch Bike Hire stand out among other bike rental services in the Highlands?

Dornoch Bike Hire offers wide selection of bicycles suitable for all skill levels, curated tours showcasing local landmarks, and commitment to sustainability by promoting eco-friendly tourism practices

Unique Tours and Routes

One of the highlights of choosing Dornoch Bike Hire is their curated tours and suggested routes. These range from leisurely rides through the town’s historic streets to challenging treks across nearby hills and forests. Each route is carefully designed to showcase the best views, landmarks, and hidden gems that this part of Scotland has to offer. For those seeking a more personalized experience, bespoke tours can be arranged upon request, tailored to fit individual preferences and abilities.

Supporting Sustainable Tourism

In line with Scotland’s commitment to sustainability, Dornoch Bike Hire places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices. By encouraging cycling as a mode of exploration, they not only reduce carbon footprints but also promote health benefits associated with active travel. Their dedication extends beyond just bike rentals; they actively participate in local conservation efforts and encourage riders to respect nature by sticking to designated paths and minimizing waste.

A Gateway to Highland Adventures

Beyond serving as an excellent starting point for exploring Dornoch itself, renting a bike from Dornoch Bike Hire opens up broader adventures. Cyclists can venture out to Embo, Loch Fleet, or further to Golspie. With convenient rental options ranging from half-day hires to extended periods, adventurers have the flexibility to plan trips that suit their schedules.


  • Variety of bikes suitable for all ages and skill levels including e-bikes.
  • Curated tours highlighting local landmarks.
  • Commitment towards sustainable tourism practices.
  • Ideal location for exploring both Dornoch and wider Highland attractions.
  • Bespoke tour options available upon request.
  • Flexible rental periods from half-day hires to extended durations.

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