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Dedicated to the history of Dornoch, the permanent exhibition shows the Cathedral, feuding clans, the shameful burning of Scotland’s last alleged witch and the treachery and violence of Picts and Vikings. Current displays include a golf professional’s workshop where Donald Ross honed his skills and an insight into life in Dornoch during the 18th Century, together with a scale model of a pre-clearance settlement

The History Links Museum, an award-winning local history museum, stands as a testament to the rich cultural and sporting heritage of Dornoch. Through its meticulously curated exhibits, the museum offers visitors an unparalleled glimpse into the past, with a particular focus on the evolution of golf and its profound impact on local communities.

The Birthplace of a Golfing Legend

One of the museum’s most celebrated features is the Golf Professional’s workshop, which provides an insightful look into the early conditions under which Donald Ross honed his skills. Ross, who would go on to become one of golf’s most revered architects, began his journey in this very workshop. The exhibit not only showcases original tools and equipment but also tells the story of Ross’s humble beginnings and his eventual rise to prominence in the world of golf architecture.

What makes Donald Ross’s workshop at History Links Museum particularly significant?

Donald Ross’s workshop at History Links Museum offers insight into his early conditions where he honed his skills before becoming one of golf’s top golf course designers of all time.

A Timeless Timepiece

Another highlight of History Links is the magnificent clock that once adorned the Royal Dornoch Golf Clubhouse. This fully operational timepiece serves as a symbol of continuity between past and present, reminding visitors of Dornoch’s enduring legacy in the world of golf. The clock’s intricate craftsmanship and historical significance make it a focal point for those interested in both horology and sports history.

Engaging Exhibits & Educational Endeavors

Beyond its focus on golf, History Links delves into various aspects of life in Dornoch throughout different eras. From ancient artifacts to displays on local flora and fauna, each exhibit is designed to educate and engage visitors. The museum takes pride in its role as an educational resource, offering workshops, lectures, and interactive displays that bring Sutherland’s history to life for people of all ages.

A Community Effort

The success of History Links is largely due to community involvement and support. Volunteers play a crucial role in maintaining exhibits, conducting research, and guiding tours. This collective effort underscores a shared commitment to preserving Dornoch’s heritage for future generations.


  • Golf Professional’s workshop showcasing Donald Ross’s early career
  • Fully operational clock from Royal Dornoch Golf Clubhouse
  • Diverse exhibits covering various aspects of life in Dornoch
  • Educational programs aimed at engaging visitors with Sutherland’s history
  • Strong community involvement supporting museum operations
  • Donald Ross:  golf course designer – wikipedia

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